Lingerie selection advice for men

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Advice for Men

We often get calls from men asking our advice about how to buy the best lingerie gift for their partner. Let's see if we can lead you through some of the important points to help you choose the perfect gift.

If possible, spend time doing a little investigation before you go ahead with a purchase. The more information you can give us, the better we can advise on selecting your gift.

It may be that the perfect gift is to bring your partner to a consultation to get the best fitting advice and allowing you both to then choose the lingerie together.

There can be a big difference between the colour of lingerie a woman wears day to day and what she would like to receive as a gift. Practical lingerie may not be as exciting a gift as something a bit more daring. Sexiness is often associated with reds or blacks. If you can let us know what colour of outfits she typically wears when she goes out partying, dining or clubbing, that could help us to advise you.

To gauge the size, if you have access to her underwear drawer try to check a few different garments. Ideally, we would prefer you to bring her to the shop, that way she will get the perfect fitting.

Advice for men

The delicate detail in the lingerie we offer at Fit to Bust is certainly one of the utmost differences between ordinary and special. As a gift, we recommend you certainly consider lingerie with exquisite fine detailing that will certainly insist on a "Wow" the moment she opens her present.

We can offer you tiny floral details, irresistably delicate bows, enticing lace and ribbons.

Good luck with your great idea and don't worry if you get something wrong. we will exchange your gift for something she feels may be more appropriate.

Call 0113 307 0011 for advice or to arrange a private fitting-consultation with your partner.