Bridal lingerie and wedding underwear

bridal lingerie from Lise Charmel

Bridal Lingerie

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and we at Fit to Bust want to ensure you feel perfect right down to the last exquisite detail.

We offer exceptional bridal lingerie, with rich yet comfortable fabrics featuring timeless, chic styles to make you feel amazing, beautiful and glamorous on the big day.

We anticipate you will be considering two sets of wedding underwear, one that accompanies your every gesture during the day and the other to make you feel glamorous and sexy for the evening party and beyond.

We recommend that you select your lingerie in neutral colours: soft ivories, skin tones, whites, ideally a little lighter than your wedding gown.

You may also wish to consider the style of wedding dress you have selected, figure hugging silky dresses will accent lingerie detail such as garters and straps more obviously than you may prefer, in which case we can suggest an array of alternatives for you.

We will advise on the style of bra to suit your outfit, considering the straps, neckline, plunge, support and overall comfort. Of course we specialise in bras for ladies with large busts too.

Bridal lingerie

The best approach will be to wear your selected lingerie when you have your final wedding dress fitting, this way you can ensure your garments are perfectly in harmony with each other.

This is your biggest day and popularly, you will be excited and making exagerated gestures so it is also important to ensure your chosen lingerie works with you in this respect, without discomfort or displacement.

We can advise on how to maximise the best aspects of your figure, to minimise displeasing shapes and enhance your natural beauty.

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